Stem Cell Physician

Dr. Rainer Fischer, of the European Integrative Medicine Center,
is the leading resource for stem cell procedures in Scottsdale, AZ.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

Also known as regenerative therapy, stem cell therapy offers new hope to those with osteoarthritis, tendonitis, injuries, and other disorders causing joint pain. For these conditions, it has recently gained increasing attention as a safer, non-invasive alternative to joint surgery. Moreover, Stem cell therapy is currently being studied as a promising option in the treatment of a wide range of other conditions. Especially interesting is its application in the treatment of lung conditions and autoimmune conditions. As its name suggests, this innovative treatment uses stem cells to heal injured or degenerated tissue. Patients receive stem cell injections that stimulate the body’s repair mechanisms and accelerate healing. Although there is still a lot to learn about stem cell therapy, the results are promising. This unique approach to joint pain and other conditions has been helping chronically ill or injured people all over the world live normal lives and enjoy better health.