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Ankle Pain Specialist

If you’re having problems with ankle pain, contact Dr. Rainer Fischer of the
European Integrative Medicine Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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Ankle Pain Q&A

by Rainer Fischer, ND

What Causes Ankle Pain?

The ankle takes a lot of abuse during daily activities. Damage to the ligaments and tendons can cause pain and inflammation. Long-term wear and tear can cause cartilage between the bones to degenerate, and arthritis or gout can also cause inflammation and pain. The ankle joint can become infected, and of course, an injury can stretch, strain or tear the ligaments and tendons, or even break a bone. You may also feel pain in the ankle as a result of a heel injury, nerve injury or circulation problem.

Can I Treat Ankle Pain Myself?

Home care may be successful in some cases. If the injury is minor, “RICE” — “rest, ice, compression (with an elastic bandage) and elevation” — may be successful in relieving your ankle pain. Try to stay off the ankle — use crutches or a cane and keep it elevated as much as possible. Use ice for 10 to 15 minutes every hour for the first day, then every three to four hours for two more days. Take over-the-counter pain remedies.

When Do I Need Medical Treatment for Ankle Pain?

If you hear a popping sound and immediately feel pain in the joint, the joint looks deformed and you can’t bear weight, or you have severe pain even when you aren’t trying to stand on it, you need immediate medical care. Even if you have minor symptoms, you should see a doctor if the pains don’t go away with a week or so of home care; if you are running a temperature of more than 100 degrees; or if other joints also hurt.

What’s the Naturopathic Treatment for Ankle Pain?

Treatment always depends on the cause. If you have a strain, homeopathic remedies, joint adjustments and acupuncture can help relieve pain. Being overweight can cause ankle pain; the remedy is weight loss. If you have nutritional deficiencies, you may need a special diet or supplements to help build your body back up. Joint injections (called prolotherapy) may stimulate the healing process. Exercises can help strengthen your ankles.