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Knee Pain Q&A

by Rainer Fischer, ND

What Causes Knee Pain?

The knee is a complex joint: four major bones, cartilage for shock absorption, four ligaments, and the tendons that connect muscles to bone. Problems with any of these, such as a strain, torn cartilage or tendon, can cause knee pain. Age can result in degenerative wear and tear that damages the cartilage covering the end of the bones and allows the bony surfaces to rub against one another. Arthritis can cause inflammation and pain, as can overuse caused by running, jumping or twisting the knee.

What’s Wrong With Conventional Treatment?

Depending on what’s causing the knee pain, conventional treatments may not solve the problem. Many conventional treatments are targeted at controlling symptoms rather than promoting healing. For example, pain medications may control the pain of arthritis, but that doesn’t stop the inflammatory process. Conventional treatments (especially medications) can have significant side effects, including gastrointestinal distress. Finally, in many cases, conventional treatments simply don’t work very well.

How Is Naturopathic Treatment Different

Acupuncture is a good example of an alternative treatment. It can often relieve or reduce pain as well as some medications, but it doesn’t have the side effects. Prolotherapy — injecting the joint or tissue with special healing substances — can stimulate the healing process even in old injuries. Spinal adjustments can realign the spine so movement is balanced, and the doctor can use Activator treatments to move the bones in the leg into correct alignment and prevent further wear and tear on the joint. Other naturopathic remedies include hydrotherapy and herbal remedies. And if the problem involves tissue damage or degeneration, PRP and stem cells can help to stimulate healing and repair.

What About Self-Care?

You can help yourself and increase the effect of naturopathic treatments by what you do or don’t do when you have knee pain. For example, while exercise is always beneficial, running, jogging or weight-lifting may make knee pain worse; try swimming or cycling instead. Always warm up and stretch your muscles before and after exercise. Make sure you have good shoes, and replace them as soon as they begin to wear.