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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

by Rainer Fischer, ND

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells initiated a revolution in medicine. Thanks to their unique properties, they have the potential to completely change the way certain conditions are managed. Stem cells are cells at an early development stage. They are able to differentiate into any type of tissue that your body needs, including cartilage, ligaments, lung tissue, nerves, or heart cells.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

In Stem Cell procedures, stem cells are injected at sites where tissue regeneration is needed. Once injected, they immediately stimulate healing and repair. There are no steroids or other medications used, which makes this a very natural and safe option. Unlike other procedures that only work on short term, stem cell injections have the potential to offer lasting pain relief.

Are Stem Cells Better Than Cortisone?

Cortisone and other steroid medications are widely used to provide temporary relief from pain and inflammation. However, they can affect your blood sugar level and even will reduce tissue strength when used long term.
Stem cell injections are naturally free of steroid medications. Additionally, they contain the same cytokines and other naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents that your own body uses to actively help ease pain and swelling, while the natural growth factors from stem cell injections have the amazing potential to promote new tissue growth and repair.

Where Can Stem Cell Therapy Help?

Stem cell tissue preparations have been used for decades to repair damage and stimulate healing, for instance in eye conditions or wound care. Today, they have become an interesting new option for a wide range of applications. Research into their use in joint problems, lung conditions, or other health concerns has only begun recently, but preliminary results are very promising. No wonder this unique approach is being used by people all over the world to resume their active lives and enjoy health and wellbeing.

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